Side Projects

Cross-medium projects at various stages of development.


Musical Theatre Debate Podcast

Creator, Host, and Content Developer

Inspired by NPR Intelligence Squared US Debates, two guests and host debate the merits of a different stage musical each episode.  



Artistic Process Documentation Platform

Conceptualist, Producer

Concept for phone (and browser) platform to document the artistic process with the goal of accruing early interest in projects/creators. 



Brotherly Cabaret Musical Double-Act

Creator, Performer, Arranger

Alex and brother Garrett dismantle and play a literal pile of instruments, while telling stories of their nutty childhood through song.  



Creative Production Studio

Co-Founder, Music Supervisor

Currently founding a studio focused on incepting and assisting with creative projects deemed too “enigmatic” for typical production.   



Collaborative Strasberg-based Acting Troupe

Creator, Contributor

Abbreviated from “the Method Collaborative,” now-defunct acting group that used Lee Strasberg teachings in contemporary application.